A Drink of July


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Morning rain weaves through my braids, soaking in to the forgiving cotton of my dress. I step through pathways and crags of Earth split by two forces out of balance: days of asking the soil to accept unending torrents of water followed by days of asking the soil to accept unrelenting heat, accompanied only by the moisture of dew manufactured in the night.

A toad steps with me, setting off my balance for a moment, my eyes wild as though the ground is slipping from beneath me. I laugh and say hello, upon realizing. Though the sky continues its wet release a bee dives its face deep into the inner wreath of flowers, the crown of the Cherry Queen Zinnia.

Sensing my gaze, she removes her face from the flower and reveals a mustard dust of pollen upon her mask.

There was a white season where her wings were silent and suckled stored honey for survival, the season before I had sown the seed. Perhaps even in her winter she had hoped for me.

And today great pleasure washes over me as though I have been sap sipping through the morning to see her arrive at the floral breakfast.

And yesterday, to see a hummingbird stop at rest upon the tip of a blossoming gladiolus, moving ever minutely in the breeze before wings were again a flutter as she beaked downward into each white cove of the flowers, missing not one on the stalk, before her liatris flight.

My hands are felt in the visual splendor,

And I can see my mind is healthy and persistent

By measure of what grows among me.

Zinnias reach just below my breast from seed that once took size in the fraction of a fingernail.

A myriad of kindness

And Good Work

Has brought the fruits of my marvel today.

A gracious interweaving of miracles brought these gifts to my earthen brethren despite juxtapositions in weather and thought. There has been Just Enough of all elements:

Of water, sun, hands, fertile soil and mind, of will, heart, and surrender. Faith.

And in so, we have arrived. If only for a season – a moment –

In Abundance.

Abby Rodriguez – July 28, 2015