River Prairie Wild

Bio: A woman vigorously in love with the Earth and its inhabitants; animals, water, land, and the capacity of creation. I'm fueled by joy and grief, birth and death, our very human experiences, and the connectivity among the lot of us, our common neighbor. I would like to share the story of my days with you. Inspired by animal stewardship and Earth work, I share with you here my lens and active devotion towards sustainable living, cultivation of land, protection of water, and the many joys and utilitarian purposes of animal husbandry. Perhaps as you read along you'll be inspired to plant your own cluster of prairie, pick up garbage that is not yours, or embrace the simple joy of giving an animal a drink of water or a place to rest in the shade. It is my greatest hope that together we may all realize our role within the great inner weaving of this marvelous place and take action to preserve and enhance this Home of ours by being better world neighbors. Should my word drive like an arrow uninterrupted, speeding past appreciation and encourage a morph into action, awakening apathy of any kind, or simply provides a warm shoulder for my neighbor, well then I have lived. Let's Get Our Hands Dirty.

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